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IUPAC-FAPS 2017 Polymer Congress Smart Polymers for Emerging Technologies :
Commemorating the 10th Anniversary of Federation of Asian Polymer Societies
October 11 (Wed) – 13 (Fri), 2017, International Convention Center (ICC) Jeju, Jeju, Korea

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Program Timetable (Tentative)

Program Timetable (Whole)
*Updated on September 25, 2017

October 11 (Wed)October 12 (Thu)October 13 (Fri)
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Plenary Lecture / Room: 201
Chair: Myongsoo LEE (Jilin University, China)
9:00-9:45 [PL5] Controllable Supramolecular Polymerization  

 Xi ZHANG* (Tsinghua University, China)  

S4. Smart & Functional Polymers / Room: 201
Chair: Young Jong KANG (Hanyang University, Korea)
          Suhrit GHOSH (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India)
10:00-10:25  Quantum Dot-Based Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials for Optoelectronic Applications 

 Seung-Kyu PARK, Xuechung TENG, Juhyoung JUNG, Prem PRABHAKARAN, Kwang-Sup LEE* (Hannam University, Korea) 

10:25-10:50  Functional Polymers for Photonics and Optoelectronics Applications 

 Der-Jang LIAW*, Chou-Yi TSAI, Qiang ZHANG, Ying-Chi HUANG and Yi-Ze WANG (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan) 

10:50-11:15  Advances in High-performance Materials for Fullerene-Free Polymer Solar Cells  

 Gi Eun PARK, Suna CHOI, Seo Yeon PARK, Min Ju CHO, and Dong Hoon CHOI* (Korea University, Korea)  

11:15-11:35 Gated Homochiral Porous Nanosheets for Enantiomer Sieving Membranes with Molecular Pumping

Yongju KIM*, Myongsoo LEE (Jilin University, China)

11:35-11:55 Towards Functionalized Honeycomb Patterned Porous Films: Interfacial Reaction a Smart Approach

Umashankar MALE, Do Sung HUH* (Inje University, Korea)  

11:55-12:15 Two-Dimensional Networks Structures as an Efficient Catalyst Support   

Javeed MAHMOOD, Jong-Beom BAEK* (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST), Korea)

12:15-12:35 .


S5. Biopolymers & Biomedical Engineering/ Room: 202 A
Chair: So-Jung PARK (Ewha Womans University, Korea)
           Yury SHCHIPUNOV (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
10:00-10:25  Polymerized siRNA as RNAi Therapeutics 

 Ick Chan KWON1,2* (1Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), 2Korea University, Korea) 

10:25-10:50 Fabrication and Characterization of Structured Polymeric Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Application

Ayse Zehra AROGUZ1*, Hidayet SARIOGULLARI1, Zelal ADIGUZEL2 (1Istanbul University, 2TÜBİTAK, Turkey) 

10:50-11:15  Soluble Polyelectrolyte Complexes of Polysaccharides  

 Yury SHCHIPUNOV* (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)  

11:15-11:35 Mitochondria Localization-induced Self-Assembly (OLISA) for New Cancer Therapy

Ja-Hyoung RYU* (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST), Korea)   

11:35-11:55 Polysaccharide Nano-vesicles for Combination Therapy in Cancer   

Nilesh Umakantrao DESHPANDE, Poothayil Subash PRAMOD, Manickam JAYAKANNAN* (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research-Pune (IISER), India)

11:55-12:15 Effect of Storage Time and Thickness on the Functional Properties of Carrageenan Biodegradable Films     

Z. A. NUR HANANI*, T. MUTHU (Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia)    

12:15-12:35 Enhanced Biocompatibility of Electrically Conducting Graphene Oxide Nanoplatelets/Polymer Composite Films

Debabrata BHADRA* (Bhairab Ganguly College, India)    

S1. Recent Developments in Polymer Synthesis / Room: 202 B
Chair: Jeung Gon KIM (Chonbuk National University, Korea)
         Zhibo LI (Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China)
10:00-10:25 Phosphazene Base as Organocatalyst for Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Esters

Na ZHAO, Chuanli REN, Shaofeng LIU*, Zhibo LI* (Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China)

10:25-10:50 Low Carbon Polyurethane from CO2, High Performance from New Structure   

Xianhong WANG*, Wang JIN, Shunjie LIU, Yusheng QIN, Fosong WANG (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)    

10:50-11:10  Polymerization of Styrene with Organoboron Compounds    

 Chao ZHAO, Ryuichi SUGIMOTO* (Kochi University of Technology, Japan)    

11:10-11:30  Mechanistic Insights of Insertion of Difunctional Olefins and Copolymerization with Ethylene     

 Shahaji R. GAIKWAD, Satej S. DESHMUKH, Dr.Samir H. CHIKKALI* (CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India)     

11:30-11:50 Synthesis and Characterization of Negative Tone Photoresist Using Photoacid Sensitive Crosslinker   

Sri FITRIYANI, Jui-Hsiang LIU* (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)    

11:50:12:10 .


12:10-12:30   .


S6. Polymers for Emerging Technologies / Room: 203
Chair: Pil Jin YOO (Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Korea)
          Yoshinori TAKASHIMA (Osaka University, Japan)
10:00-10:25  Benzoxazine as a Building Block for Responsive Polymers 

 Suwabun CHIRACHANCHAI*, Nattawat YENPECH, Sorapat NIYOMSIN, Choltirosn SUTAPIN (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand) 

10:25-10:50  Stimuli Responsive Supramolecular Materials using Host-guest Complexes 

 Yoshinori TAKASHIMA* (Osaka University, Japan) 

10:50-11:15  Stimuli-triggered Degradation of Polyesters via Intramolecular Cyclization  

 Zi-Chen LI* (Peking University, China)  

11:15-11:35  Stimuli-Responsive Polysulfobetaine Coacervates  

 Vivek Arjunan VASANTHA*, Anbanandam PARTHIBAN (Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore)  

11:35-11:55  Stimuli-Responsive Polymers based on the Azobenzene Motif  

 Anzar KHAN* (Korea University, Korea)  

11:55-12:15  Photo-reversible Reactions for Self-healing Applications   

 Mustafa ABDALLH, Milton HEARN, George SIMON*, Kei SAITO* (Monash University, Australia)   

12:15:12:35  Light-healable Crosslinked Polymer Coatings  

 Timothy NICHOLLS, George SIMON*, Kei SAITO* (Monash University, Australia)  

S4. Smart & Functional Polymers / Room: 201
Chair: Hong Chul MOON (University of Seoul, Korea)
           Doo-Hyun KO (Kyung Hee University, Korea)
14:00-14:25  Dynamic DNA Nanostructures Fabricated by Self-Assembly 

 So-Jung PARK1*, Chan-jin KIM1, Taesoup SHIM2, Daeyeon LEE2, John CROCKER2 (1Ewha Womans University, Korea, 2Pennsylvania University, USA) 

14:25-14:50 Supramolecularly Engineered Amphiphilic Macromolecules   

Prithankar PRAMANIK, Suhrit GHOSH* (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, India)

14:50-15:15  Kinetic Pathways for Self-Assemblies in Polymeric Systems  

 Su-Mi HUR1*, Abelardo RAMIREZ-HERNÁNDEZ2, and Juan J. DE PABLO2 (1Chonnam National University, Korea, 2The University of Chicago, USA)  

15:15-15:40  Microfluidic Design and Synthesis of Shape-Variant Functional Droplets and Bubbles  

 Pil Jin YOO* (Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Korea)  

15:40-16:00  Mechano-Responsive Lateral Buckling of Miniaturized Beams on Flexible Polymer Substrates  

 Jung Gun BAE1, Hyemin LEE2, Hyunsik YOON2*, Won Bo LEE1* (1Seoul National University, 2Seoul National University of Science & Technology, Korea)  

S5. Biopolymers & Biomedical Engineering / Room: 202 A
Chair: Cheol-Hee AHN (Seoul National University, Korea)
          Hyoung-Joon JIN (Inha University, Korea)
14:00-14:20  L-Amino acid Based Polymer Nano-scaffolds for Multiple Drug Delivery  

 Sonashree SAXENA, Manickam JAYAKANNAN* (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research-Pune (IISER), India)  

14:20-14:40  Preparation of Isosorbide Based Polyester for Eco-friendly Powder Coatings  

 Junseop IM*, Hyukmin PARK, Gwangseok SONG, Seunghyun YOO, Hoon RYU (Samyang Corporation, Korea)  

14:40-15:00 A Facile Sensing System of Liposomal Probes for Monitoring of Intracellular miRNA in Cultured Medium During Adipogenesis 

Seungmin HAN1, Byung-hoon KANG1, Eunji JANG1, Jisun KI1, Yong-Min HUH1,2, Hye-young SON1, and Seungjoo HAAM1* (1Yonsei University, 2YUHS-KRIBB Medical Convergence Research Institute, Korea)

15:00-15:20 Bio-inspired Tuning of Multi-cellular Aggregates using Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel

Ji-Eun JEONG1,2, Hye-Eun SHIM1, Sun-Woong KANG1,2* (1Korea Institute of Toxicology, 2University of Science and Technology, Korea)

15:20-15:40 Reducing Friction Coefficient of the Cross-linked Polyethylene by Immobilizing Poly [2-(Methacryloyloxy)ethyl] Dimethyl-(3-sulfopropyl)Ammonium Hydroxide on the Surface    

Chung Man LIM, Jiae SEO, Ji-Hun SEO* (Korea University, Korea)



S1. Recent Developments in Polymer Synthesis/ Room: 202 B
Chair: Bumjoon KIM (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea)
           Sung Woo HONG (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology(KITECH), Korea)
14:00-14:20  Mechanochemical Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactide  

 Jeung Gon KIM1*, Nuri OHN1, Jihoon SHIN2, Sung Sik KIM1 (1Chonbuk National University, 2Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology (KRICT), Korea)  

14:20-14:40  Development and Synthesis of Polycarbonate-Polyester Copolymer with Heat Resistance  

 Jungup PARK, Seung-Pil JUNG, Jin-Sik CHOI, Kyung-Moo SHIN* (Samyang Corp., Korea)  

14:40-15:00  Polymer Synthesis through Proton Transfer Polymerization of Thiol and Epoxide Groups  

 JiHyeon HWANG, Joona BANG, Anzar KHAN* (Korea University, Korea)  

15:00-15:20  Patternable Nanoparticles in Two- and 3D- Structures  

 Prem PRABHAKARAN*, Kwang-Sup LEE (Hannam University, Korea)  

S2. Polymer Physics and Characterization /Room: 203
Chair: Jeong Gon SON (Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea)
           Seung Hyun KIM (Inha University, Korea)
14:00-14:20 Effective Morphology Control of Block Copolymers and Spreading Area-Dependent Phase Diagram at the Air/Water Interface    

Dong Hyup KIM, So Youn KIM * (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea)  

14:20-14.40 Effect of Morphology on the Physical Properties of Reactor Made BCPP   

SangUk LEE, Jung Guk HA, Hyo Soon CHO, Yong Sung CHUN, Chang-Hyun CHOI* (Hanwha-Total R&D Center, Korea)

14:40-15:00 Grafting Poly(3-hexylthiophene) to the Surface of Polypropylene using Oxidative Polymerization  

An PHUNG HAI THIEN, Ryuichi SUGIMOTO* (Kochi University of Technology, Japan)  

15:00-15:20 Dielectric and Viscoelastic Responses of Epoxy-based Polymer Electrolytes

U Hyeok CHOI1*, Hye Kyeong JANG2, Byung Mun JUNG2, Sang Bok LEE2 (1Pukyong National University, 2Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea)

15:20-15:40 .


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